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"6 months ago we were under $20k / month. Now we are about to break $60k / month!"
- Perry O'Hearn, Owner of Philly Phitness
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Perry owns a personal training gym in Philadelphia, and he was struggling to get good clients.  His clients were coming from random, time-consuming activities, and he felt like he was constantly chasing them down.

I helped him nail a solid offer and messaging, and built an automated client acquisition funnel to give him a constant stream of high-quality leads, and fill his trainers schedules with new clients.  He made 100% of his money back within 30 days of working with me, and we tripled his business in 3 months.  

Listen to the video (above) to hear him talk about his experience, and how this has changed his life and business.  When you're ready, book a time on my calendar and fill out a short application.  
"I signed up 5 new high-ticket clients in the last week...and I typically average 2 per month!"
I've been running ads for my studio for the past 4 years, on my own and with agencies.  No one has produced results like Mike.  This week I had to have him turn off my ads because I can't keep up.  He has a plan, gets results, and I can't recommend his services enough.  If you're on the fence, don't hesitate.  Jump in today!
- Lachlan Farley, Owner of Steps To Greatness
"Want to shorten your success curve? I highly recommend Mike and his services."
Mike came out and did a training on Facebook Ads for me and my team to help us shorten our learning curve. We brainstormed ads and mapped out funnels...this will help us generate hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars this year.
- Joseph Hughes, Owner of Contractor Dynamics

Kevin Rogers - Founder of Copy Chief

"Mike has the triple threat skill set being a talented writer, results-proven marketer, and instinctively good teacher."

Read the article I wrote for Kevin's blog or listen to our podcast together.

Ben Cummings - Silk House By Emily Jean

"Mike has an uncanny ability to find the story in any product, and tell it in a compelling way that gets customers to buy…again, and again. It’s a fresh approach to marketing, and I love it! (Because it works)."

Jeff Sheldon - Ugmonk

"Mike’s storytelling approach to marketing is so refreshing and something that I really resonate with. I’m more interested in building trust and real relationships with my customers than using sleazy sales tactics to try to make an extra dollar. Working with Mike not only feels better, but it also leads to more conversions and lifetime customers than any tactic out there."

Brett Farrell - Territory Run Co

"Hiring Mike to handle my marketing was the smartest thing I have done in the process of growing my business. I've never gotten so many responses and sales from my customers.  Since we implemented his Facebook and email marketing strategy, the value of each subscriber on my list has gone up 191%, and I tripled my business last year!"
$26,000 in 12 hours to a list of 4,800 people...
Yeah I hear you, $26k isn't that much money...  That said this was a small list, and we were selling lifestyle apparel (actually we were selling SO much more).  Check out the breakdown here.

KJ Sandifer - Knappy Hair

"Highly recommended.  Mike put together an email & Facebook promotion that pulled in 77k in one weekend, and more than doubled that same promotion the previous year!"

Jeff Gutowski - Break The Image

"Just got off the phone with Mike. He shared some great strategies and tactics in an easy to understand manner. He really knows his stuff but also makes you feel comfortable. Quick call saved me a few hours of frustration with getting effective Facebook ads rolling."

Rich Brandon - Superfeet

"In my career of over two decades, Mike is one of the easiest and most enjoyable people to work with. On top of that, his Facebook & email marketing insights have been integral to several successful product launches, and double-digit  year over year growth."
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